All you need to know about your
healthy and unhealthy stool
What should I do if I find
that something is wrong
with my stool?
  Make sure that conclusion of your stool
self evaluation test is as accurate as
possible. Important factor is, if any
abnormality of your stool is accompanied
by pain of digesting system, liver or other
organs or if you have fever and do not feel
well do not hesitate and call your
   If you ate any unusual or abnormal food
few days prior evaluation etc., sometimes
you can fix the problem by dieting for few
days or to take over the counter medication.
If you feel strongly that you need medical
attention call you doctor.
   If you do not need immediate medical
attention you can also visit clinics or our
sanatorium to improve your digestion
problems and to improve your health.
List of over the counter medicatinos
recomended by doctors: